DSCF0939 resizedSummary

High Frequency Plastic Welding machines, also known as radio frequency welding machines or plastic welding machines are one of Electronic Design and Developments specialities. We are one of the few companies in Kwa-Zulu Natal that can repair these machines and we have been repairing them for close to 40 years (when the company was first started).

Why use us?

  • Close of 40 years worth of experience
  • Extensive experience with both local (MEE, HFH) and international machines (Chinese, German, American etc…)
  • 1kW to 64 kW Machines repaired
  • Advice on improvements to existing machines (see what we do to our refurbished machines here , here and here)
  • Rapid Repair times – EDD prides itself on finding the problem and solving it quickly


Not only do we repair High Frequency Plastic Welding machines but we also refurbish and sell them as well.

Our refurbishment work to your old machines are typically done at a much better price than buying a new machine and our refurbished machines that we sell are typically half the price of a new machine.