Electronic Design and Development was founded by Leslie John Fleming in 1972. Leslie initially was in a company where he worked on the electronics that guided aircraft to land in England but left that job to travel through Africa. When he arrived in Durban he realized that there was a massive electronics knowledge gap in the market just waiting to be filled and decided to start EDD.

Since then EDD has grown and worked with large companies such as Federal Mogul, Nampak, Toyota South Africa, Whirlpool, Lithotech, Marquee Tent and Royal Tent and Tarp amongst others.

EDD has lasted over 40 years for two reasons. We are not a company that gives up on a problem easily and we provide balanced reasonable advice to our clientele. Where many companies are just seeking the sale EDD seeks to build long lasting sustainable relationships with our clients.

EDD does not just offer our services to South Africa but can attend to companies in the local Southern African region (like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique).

Although we do work on a vast range of electronic equipment (see here) our main focus is high frequency welding machines/plastic welding machines and Corona treaters.

If you would like to know more about EDD, possibly get some references from some of the companies we service, then please contact us.