Electronic Design and Development has been working hard for 40 years to bring you the best service in the plastic welding industry. With our background, contacts and knowledge we have sold most of our refurbished plastic welding machines and are down to our last few machines.

For our last few machines we plan to offer up to a 20 % discount on the listed price. This is a limited time offer that we will only have available for one month so you will need to act quickly to purchase these machines.

These machines are perfect for repair work and for small startup businesses in the plastic welding industry (what can you make with a PVC welding machine?).

The last few machines we have available, with our generous discount are linked below

  • 4 kW Refurbished High Frequency Welding Machine, click here
  • 3 x 3 kW Refurbished Double Headed High Frequency Welding Machine, click here

Our lovely 4 kW machine is almost ready to go and will only take 1-2 weeks to get ready! This machine also has a massive discount of 20 % on it’s list price (see it here!).

The 3 kW double headed welding machines are incredibly useful and allow for rapid production due to their two headed construction. They also benefit from not requiring compressed air or three phased power making them the cheapest and most convenient machine for a startup business. These machines have got a great 15 % off (see it here!).

Don’t miss this opportunity as we don’t often get new machines to refurbish and these ones are going fast!


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